Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal/Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and typically do so between 17-21 years of age. While properly aligned wisdom teeth and healthy gum tissue would be ideal conditions, unfortunately, this is not the norm. Often, wisdom teeth grow at an angle. Sometimes they only partially emerge from the gum. In some more serious cases they remain trapped beneath gum and bone. Impacted wisdom teeth can occupy many positions in the bone as they struggle to find a pathway where they can successfully erupt.

If your wisdom teeth partially erupt, bacteria can form which often leads to infection. The result is swelling, pain, stiffness in your jaw, and all too often, resulting illness. To make matters worse, tumors or cysts can also form around impacted wisdom teeth. This more serious condition can result in the destruction of your jawbone and healthy teeth. Removal of the offending impacted teeth typically resolves the above problems, and early removal is recommended to avoid future problems and decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure.

Bear in mind that problematic wisdom teeth often disrupt the orthodontic or natural alignment of other teeth in close proximity. Extraction of wisdom teeth becomes necessary when they (your wisdom teeth) cannot properly erupt from your gums. With an oral examination and x-rays, we can determine the position of your wisdom teeth and inform you of any current issues.

If you suspect you have a problem with your wisdom teeth, or are experiencing jaw pain or pain around your wisdom teeth, kindly phone us at (203) 978-3391 to discuss your options. Early evaluation and treatment often result in the best outcome for our patients.

Our mission is to deliver our patients the highest quality by:

  • Taking sufficient time in consultation to understand our patients concerns and goals.
  • Tailoring an individual care plan to meet their goals, and educating them regarding their proposed treatment.
  • Being available to our patients before and after surgery, and whenever the need may arise.
Do you suspect you have a problem with your wisdom teeth? Why not phone us today at (203) 967-3707 to set up a consultation. If after hours, kindly CLICK HERE and complete our simple form. Thank you.

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