… Loved Dr. Sciarrino, He Has An Awesome Personality. Definitely Recommend.

My History

You are probably wondering, who is this guy & how did he get here, fair question. It always starts with your parents. My dad was a believer in hard work. When I say hard work I mean hard work, both physical and mental. While he didn’t believe in sports, he didn’t mind digging out a monstrous trench in the back yard to create to create a subterranean patio. It had to have purpose. So, when I got into Emory University it was understood that I would work my way through college, with the least amount of assistance. This ultimately set my path.

Career Path

I had many different jobs while at Emory. It was my school, and my employer. I worked in the library, I was a kitchen manager, a research assistant, a psychiatric counselor (my highest paying job). The job that set my career path though, was as an anesthesia tech at Emory Hospital. It allowed me the ability to watch the doctors and all the different operations.

I saw these doctors doing facial reconstruction, and I thought that was super cool, and it was very much like model building, which I loved in my childhood. The path was set. I went to the doctors and inquired on how I could wind up doing that important work. They told me, in order to become a maxillofacial surgeon, I would have to go to Dental school first as a prerequisite, as you can not rebuild a face without the understanding of functionality of the moving parts. This was it, I applied and got into Emory Dental School. After 4 years I applied to a combined program from New York medical college & Westchester medical center in Valhalla N.Y. I got in and finished my degree in 1988. As chief resident at Westchester, I graduated at 32 years of age. I came to Stamford and applied for privileges at Stamford Hospital.


For 25 years I did facial reconstruction at Stamford Hospital and as an aside particularly with trauma patients, I would do some Juvederm and Botox to help normalize the appearance, after reconstruction surgery.

This is where, I diverge. Retirement, I just don’t believe in it. While it is fine to be that guy in a baseball cap, playing tennis & golf every day or every other day. Its just not me, I am product of my previous existence. I am a worker bee, if you take me away from my work, it won’t be good.

Truly, as far as aging is concerned, I believe you need 3 things to age properly.

I find retirement doesn’t fit any of these criteria, and many times is divergent from these essential criteria for good health & good aging.

1. You need hope

2. You need connections to others

3. You need functionality

Not Only Do I Seek That For Myself But For All Those That I Connect With In The Ridgefield Community (And Beyond) As A Whole.

“I am not an evangelist, but I am not that different, I seek to change the aging paradigm and help people live their best life.”

I seek to create a blue zone in and around the area surrounding Ridgefield. We do not sell snake oil. We use the latest and most up to date technologies, to improve patient aesthetics, that with technology we could not have imagined 10 years ago. Most importantly I believe we can not only reduce and eliminate the appearance of aging, we can actually bend the curve of your life expectancy, make you more functional, and give you more years of good health than you could have even imagined for yourself. All through established medical care, drawing on the assets of both eastern and western medicine. This is what motivates me and bring me to you.

            Yes! Like an evangelist I sell hope for your future, increased functionality and the ability to continue to exist in a universe you call home and look good going it. Remember your life is a gift, and you need to always be thankful, and take care in order to exist, with true quality of life.